Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Candyland 5" x 7" Christina Pickard & Robin Orbach Starke $100

Well, here’s our first Candyland painting from January along with the original text. We still think that new Candyland blows. It's WAY too treacly and sweet. Enjoy.

This painting reminds us of the part of the board with the floating ice cream bars, but Christina never made it over to her mother’s house to search for the thirty-five year-old Candyland box that would confirm the name of the place, so here we are. Yes, this painting evokes Candyland and was created in the true, Candyland spirit, but we have no exact confirmation of its specific Candyland connection. Maybe before we go full throttle into this series, we should have the actual game in front of us. Not the modern interloper, the real, Nixon era Candyland. New Candyland blows.

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