Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Soft Cell 6" x 8" Christina Pickard & Robin Orbach Starke $100
As you can see, our work has been heavily influenced by string theory lately, and since it's been raining so much, we've been doing some light reading on atoms, electrons, and quarks.... well, not really. Mostly we've been avoiding summer reruns and bad reality shows, catching up on Netflix, and complaining about the weather--at this point we've morphed into a combination of Gen X, high-tech, pop culture consumers and snarky, old Greatest Generation, cafeteria-loving, octogenarians. The Boulevard rules!
In honor of weather-obsessed, cranky old coots everywhere.... GOOD GOD, IT'S RAINING AGAIN!

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to purchase "Soft Cell" or any of our paintings which are still available, email us at...
We take money orders, Business Class upgrades, free trips to France, fried green tomatoes, chocolate icebox pie, gore-tex raincoats, umbrellas (again), cashier's checks, and personal checks.


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