Saturday, December 16, 2006

From the "Fair" series....
Christina Pickard and Robin Orbach Starke $100

We had a great time painting the fair, talking and laughing about the fair, going through our photos of the fair... As much as we love the lemon paintings, lemons aren't as much fun to write and talk about. So today (and maybe for one day over the weekend every week) we're going to post a few paintings that are still available.

This week it's the fair, along with a list of delicious foods consumed by us at the fair--with the help of Robin's son, Wyatt, and our friend, Brian. Here it goes...

Fresh, homemade lemonade--3
Jalepeno cheese dogs, like corny dogs without the scary wiener inside, truly exquisite--3
Beef Devine, marinated beef with lettuce, tomato, and spicy sauce on a pita--2
Indian Taco, indian fry bread with taco fixins on top--1
Cinnamon Rolls, they're large and gooey and can't be beat--2
Curly friez, amazing with malt vinegar--2
Cherry strudel, Christina and Brian inhaled theirs while Robin talked to a friend and a chagrined Wyatt watched the pastry carnage with much sadness....Yes, he got one later. Robin took a whole box home to share with her husband--2 and a box.

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